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Welcome to DOLocalization! 
English and French into Spanish localization of multimedia products


Why DOLocalization?

I’m Inma, a very passionate freelance translator who loves communication, foreign languages, voice acting, and travelling. I was born in Seville (Spain) 26 years ago and spent most of my childhood between books and dictionaries, looking forward to travelling all around the world and using my languages.


After graduating in translation in 2013, I moved to Edinburgh (Scotland) and have not stopped travelling and enhancing my communication skills.


Nowadays, I live in Granada (Spain) and am still as devoted to translation and voice-acting as ever. Everything from translating a workshop manual to subtitling media, and anything in between, I got you covered. Why not check out my services and find out how I could help you and your business today?

Why DOLocalization?

• 100 % commitment to your brand and product/service

• Over 10M and 80K words translated

Experience in multiple sectors

• Professional, reliable and customer-oriented approach

• Tailored services: delivery in whichever bespoke format/design you wish

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I translate and review from English and French into Spanish. Do you have creative content to be translated and adapted to a Spanish-speaking audience? No need to look further: I can convey the message and original effect to the target reader.
Should you have applied an automatic translation engine to your technical texts, I can post-edit the translation and correct any flaws to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.
Do you have a video, short-film or ad campaign you would like to promote in Spain, France and all around the world? I have experience subtitling videos in my three languages and count with an extensive network of French and English collaborators who can revise my work when translating to my two non-native tongues.
Whether it’s your website, a programme you have developed or an awesome app you would like Spanish-speaking users to enjoy, DOLocalization can help you reach your target audience!
No text should be published without a final thorough review. Whether you need a quick review or you would like a specialist to edit and correct any mistakes, I can help you look  100 % professional to your target audience!
After the translation and review stages, a quality control test should be performed in any localised product in order to make sure that all text has been translated and there are no bugs when using the software, website or app. I can perform linguistic, cosmetic and functionality tests on your final product so everything goes according to plan.
Graphic design & Video editing
Do you require a layout service? Are you looking to advertise your company but don’t know how? Whether it’s a book, a magazine, a poster or a TV ad, I can have it translated/subtitled/edited or created from scratch! This means you will receive the final product ready to go!
I have experience leading accounts from a variety of sectors with different needs: automotive, mining and rock excavation, robotics, water quality testing, test and measurement instruments, and hydraulics and pneumatics.
Project Management


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—  Natividad Aguayo Arrabal, gestora de proyectos en Traducciones Bienza S.L.

—  Natividad Aguayo Arrabal, Translation Project Manager at Traducciones Bienza S.L.

“The solutions provided in Inmaculada’s translations have been very good and always appropriate. Her translations always achieve a high level of quality and appropriateness and she has always shown an exceptional attitude toward her work.”

«Las soluciones aportadas en las traducciones de Inmaculada han sido muy buenas y adecuadas en cada ocasión. Sus traducciones siempre han alcanzado el nivel de calidad y adecuación deseables y la alumna ha demostrado siempre una actitud excepcional ante el trabajo».


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C/ Pérez Galdós, 2


18003, Granada (Spain)



Tel: (0034) 681 132 747

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